There are many sites out there that offer free eCards for Mothers Day.  However, you  need to be careful.  As I was going to list these major websites in this page, I found that most of the sites were doing nothing but putting up many popup advertisements.  In fact, it was to the point where it was locking my computer up and causing all kinds of issues.

So beware of clicking on these free eCard sites.  You just don’t know what “free” may end up costing you.  I truly wish that free was a legitimate thing and the sites were not out trying to scam a person.

On this page, you will find pictures that you can use for making homemade mother’s day cards.  A store-bought card is easy and simple, but a homemade card is heart-felt and what I used to do for my mom.

I have also added a page of poems for Mothers Day that you can use or help you to inspire something meaningful for your mom in a card.

Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute to begin making a card for your mom or trying to buy one.  Put some thought into it because our moms are very important to us and so let’s now make them an after thought.

The only thing I ask is if you use any of these pictures or my  poems, to please give me some credit especially if it is on a website.  I’m not asking much, but I would appreciate it if you could respect my creative work.

Otherwise, enjoy the pictures and the poems.  Come up with something creative on Mothers Day for your mom.  If you have something I can share here that is free (and not full of popup scam windows), please let me know and I’ll add it to the site.

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