Please feel free to use these poems as you make cards, websites or write your greetings out for Mother’s Day.  Sometimes we all need a helping hand in gathering our thoughts to create a card.

These poems are not licensed but are free to use for individuals in the purpose I stated.  If you wish to display these poems on your own website or in other media, you may do so as long as you link back to this.

These are meant for you to enjoy and use but please be respectful of their origin.  If you would like to submit any, I’ll be glad to add them here along with a link in your author name to your site.


I Remember

I remember when I was just a child
How you made me often smile
You picked me up when I’d fall down
And brush me off the ground.
by Don Shetterly


Thank You Mom

Thank you Mom for all
you’ve given to me.
It means so much and
more than you can see.
by Don Shetterly


A Mother Is

A mother is
– a shining light on a weary path
– a beacon of love
– a heart of compassion
– a beautiful flower for all to see
– a lovely melody
– a cushion filled pillow
by Don Shetterly


A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is always there,
always true
and never ending.
by Don Shetterly


The Love You Have Shown

The love you have shown me all my life,
is worth more than all the money in the world.
Thank you Mom for all your love!
Happy Mother’s Day
by Don Shetterly


It Is So Wonderful

It is so wonderful
to have a mom such as you.
One that is so caring,
so loving
and so thoughtful too
by Don Shetterly


You Made Me Smile

How you made me often smile
You’ve been there for me,
Guiding Me
Helping Me
And just being
One of the greatest mom’s
The world has ever seen.
Happy Mother’s Day!
by Don Shetterly


Caring And Loving

It is so wonderful to have
a mom such as you.
One that is so caring,
so loving and so generous too.
by Don Shetterly


A Mom Is

A Mom is
by Don Shetterly


More Precious

A Mom is
More precious them a gem
More beautiful than the mountains
by Don Shetterly


I Don’t Get To See You

Even though I don’t
often get to see you mom,
I know that you’re around.
I feel it in just about
everything I do because
I know that you’re around.
by Don Shetterly




Hopefully these little poems and writings will help you as your build your website, write a card or create something for your Mom on Mother’s Day.  Some of these are very simple writings and feel free to add to them.

Use them to inspire you to make a very special card, gift or website for your mom.  One of the things I did as a child and I still love to do today is to make things for special occasions like Mother’s Day.

Something that comes from your heart and hands and mind is always appreciated and treasured.  It gives that extra special quality and uniqueness to the day of celebration.  And who better to do that for than your mom who has given so much throughout your life.

Please remember, these poems are free to use by individuals as stated above.  Please don’t forget to link back to this site.  I would appreciate that greatly.



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