One of the things I realized when I first started to create this site, is just how important this holiday is to the world and especially the United States.  Below are some interesting facts and trivia about Mother’s Day.  You may or may not know these things, but I found them very interesting.

However you and your mom enjoy Mother’s Day, make it special.  Make it something that shares the love and admiration you have for your mom.  This goes for not only daughters, but for sons because sometimes sons just don’t show their mom just how much they love them.

One estimate out there says that if you calculate up in professional dollar amounts all that a mom does for us, it would come to more than $65,000.  Honestly, I would think it is much more than that, but all too often, our moms don’t get the credit they deserve.



Over 35{b3fba13f0ed4bb2bc5399ea8cf40f6f761c2d9281c34ebff08aa1cf8ec5120b2} of adults buy flowers for their moms.
California was the leading provider of flowers in 2006.
21,135 floral shops in the US in 2005.
Approximately 25{b3fba13f0ed4bb2bc5399ea8cf40f6f761c2d9281c34ebff08aa1cf8ec5120b2} of flowers purchased throughout the year are on Mother’s Day.


Money Spent

29,624 jewelry stores in the United States in 2005.
Most common gifts for Mother’s Day include cards, flowers, meals, dining out, jewelry, gift cards, clothing, spa trips, massage, books, CD’s, housewares and gardening tools.
80{b3fba13f0ed4bb2bc5399ea8cf40f6f761c2d9281c34ebff08aa1cf8ec5120b2} of Mother’s Day Cards are purchased by women.
More phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year.
Over 120 million phone calls are made on Mother’s Day.
Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year at restaurants.
Over $20 billion dollars are spent on Mother’s Day.


Single Moms

There are 10.4 single moms in the US.
5.6 million stay at home moms in 2006.
There are 82.5 million mothers in the US.
81{b3fba13f0ed4bb2bc5399ea8cf40f6f761c2d9281c34ebff08aa1cf8ec5120b2} of women 40  to 44 years old are mothers.


New Moms

There are 4 million new mothers every year.
The average age for a new mother to give birth is 25 years.
The odds of delivering twins is 1 in 32.
August is the most popular month to have a baby.
Tuesday is the most popular day of the week to have a baby.


Popular Holiday

Mother’s Day is the 3rd most popular holiday after Christmas & Easter.
Mother’s Day is the third largest day for cards.


Names And Letter Trivia

In the bible, Eve is credited with being the Mother of all the Living.
In many languages, the word “mother” begins with the letter M.
Origin of the world mother comes from the Latin word ‘mater’.
Many years ago, children wrote letters to their mothers in church to observe Mother’s Day


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