There are various sections that include many resources and facts that I have included on this site.  Please feel free to borrow from me if you want, but make sure you give a link recognition back to me in whatever form you may use this information.  Spread the love around!  After all, its a celebration of a mother’s love.


History Of Mother’s Day

A brief history down through the ages that is condensed.  I’m sure there is far more to the history then what I have written on the Mothers Day Music website.  I just find it interesting how all of this came together.  Even though there are references to celebrations back in the 17th century, it does not appear it became official in the US until around 1912 to 1914.  For more information, go to the History Of Mothers Day.


Bible Verses For Mother’s Day

If Bible Verses are something that fits your life, here are some of my favorite ones for Mother’s Day.  They cover a wide variety of scripture in the Bible.  Especially if you are making a homemade card for your Mom for Mother’s Day, these bible verses may help give that extra special touch to your card.  For more information, go to the Bible Verses For Mothers Day.


Free eCards For Mother’s Day

While there are many sites out there offering free eCards, all I can say is “beware”.   Be very careful clicking on some of them because they are full of ads and who knows what.  Click and your own risk.  If you need some pictures or thoughts to help you get started in making your own homemade eCard for your Mom, go to Free eCards And Photos For Mothers Day.

Relaxing Spa Music: Mothers Day

Mothers Day Relaxing Spa Music CD by Don Shetterly 200

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