There are many things that you can do for your mom on Mothers Day.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make the day special.  I know many moms out there that really don’t like a ton of money spent on them, as they just enjoy spending the day with their children in a heart-felt way.

Small items like a music CD or something you can do together mean much more to your mom than buying her the most expensive thing out there.  Yes, flowers are always a hit and taking her out for dinner is great.

Here are some ideas that you can do which may make the day very special between you and your mom.

50 Things To Do For Mothers Day

  1. Spend time and hang out with your mom.
  2. Visit the park with your mom.
  3. Take mom to the movies.
  4. Go ice skating or roller skating.
  5. Clean the house for your mom.
  6. Wash and wax your mom’s car.
  7. Go on a picnic.
  8. Buy or build her a front porch swing or hammock.
  9. Create a hand made card for her.
  10. Make a scrapbook together with your mom.
  11. Play a board game together as a family.
  12. Create an inspirational book of her favorite quotes.
  13. Create a coupon book of things you’ll do for her during the year.
  14. Go for ice cream.
  15. Treat her to a nice relaxing afternoon at the spa.
  16. Just talk to your mom and share your life with her.
  17. Make a simple breakfast in bed for her.
  18. Have her go on a scavenger hunt for thank-you’s around the house.
  19. Plant flowers with her.
  20. Put a CD of her favorite music together.
  21. Bake something together and you clean up the kitchen.
  22. Go shopping together.
  23. Take her to a concert, a zoo or area attractions.
  24. Take a day trip.
  25. Go to a coffee shop.
  26. Take your mom out to eat or cook her a meal.
  27. Take a walk together.
  28. Give your mom a day away from everyone to relax.
  29. Tell her you love her.
  30. Give her a list of things of how much she means to you.
  31. Play her a song on whatever instrument you play.
  32. Compose a song and sing it to her.
  33. Give your mom a day to just read a good book by herself.
  34. A day of rest or a do absolutely nothing day.
  35. Those truly touching we appreciate you moments and gifts.
  36. Anything you can do that makes her feel special and wanted.
  37. Weed and clean her flower bed out.
  38. Create a photo album of old memories.
  39. Build a website for her.
  40. Make a tribute video to your mom and be creative.
  41. Take her to the beach for the day.
  42. Download for your mom a relaxing music CD.
  43. Have a family portrait taken or painted.
  44. If you’re a kid living at home, clean your room without being told.
  45. Write a poem together for your mom.
  46. Create an ecard for your mom.
  47. Check out local resources for activities on mother’s day.
  48. Create a family history with your mother.
  49. Give her a hug.
  50. Go for coffee.


Have fun!  Enjoy and celebrate the reason for Mother’s Day!


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